Landscaping Design, Installation, and Maintenance | 732-845-1097
Landscaping Design, Installation, and Maintenance | 732-845-1097


Are we a licensed and insured contractor?

We are a fully licensed and insured company. Other companies may offer discounted rates because they either aren’t licensed, don’t have proper insurance coverage, or don’t follow tax regulations.

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Is our work warrantied?

All of our landscaping is guaranteed for one full year from the completion date.  The only exceptions are neglected maintenance or acts of God. We pride ourselves in our materials, work, and design.

How does a 10 month billing cycle work?

Your total for the season, based on your package selection, is totaled and divided by ten months.  You will be billed on the 15th day of each month from March through December for a total of ten charges.  These charges are for payment of services based on your package selection.

Why do we have a 10 month billing cycle?

Variable monthly bills make budgeting difficult. Additionally, most fertilization companies come between 6-8 times a year.  Typically, that bill requires you to pay immediately following application, which can lead to several expensive months.  Spreading out the lawn and fertilizer over 10 months can lessen the burden of lawn care and fertilization services.

How do I sign up for automatic recurring credit card payments?

Simply fill out this form and email / fax it back to us.

Why bother with seasonal turf cleanups?

Without the Spring Turf Cleanup, it is difficult to complete the first few weeks of mowing.  A lot of time is spent picking up leaves and removing sticks leftover from winter months.  The Fall Turf Cleanup betters your chance of having a healthy looking lawn for the next season.